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If you want to be a successful leader
– know how to lead yourself.

Leverage yourself with self-leadership.

Self-Leadership is the ability to know, understand, build and manage your own potential, beliefs, emotions, expectations, behaviors and actions, and hence respond effectively and sensibly to challenges in your professional and personal life.


Develop your self-leadership skills that will enable you to anticipate, adapt and navigate yourself and your teams through the constant personal, socio-political, economic and technological changes while keeping yourself and your employees motivated and engaged.


Sustainable success starts with self-leadership. We help you get there.


Have you ever felt under big pressure that triggered a fear of failure, of not meeting all the expectations?


  • Do you think that everybody – from your boss and employees to your family – is expecting this important ‘thing’ from you?
  • Have you been in the situation where you don’t have ‘all’ the information to be certain to make ‘the right’ decision?
  • Have you experienced a situation where you are convinced that something needs to change – but nobody is listening to you?
  • Are you trying in vain to motivate your stakeholders to follow your ideas?


Organizations and societies face multiple issues that demand attention:

  • finding the right purpose
  • sustaining growth to stay relevant
  • establishing a powerful and positive culture
  • initiating and leading change, innovation and the growth process
  • aligning strategy, innovation, tactical execution and culture

Societies and work culture are quickly changing which impacts the role and expectation of a leader who must:

  • deal with change, ambiguity and uncertainties
  • commit to transparency
  • serve as role model
  • behave and act responsibly and sustainably
  • enable the workforce

The Importance of Responsible Leadership. 

Responsible Leadership is a natural emergence from Self-Leadership. 

The quality of Responsible Leadership is: 

  • Leading by example, not as “I” but as “we,” to promote an enabling working environment.
  • Maintaining integrity to make business decisions that best serve the shareholders and other stakeholders.
  • Motivating people to strive together in order to positively impact society. 

Learn more about repeatable and sustainable success:

Motivate and lead.

Only 10%-15% of employees fit the definition of an engaged employee. 50% of employees across all continents have left their jobs to get away from their bosses. Lack of engagement results in poor quality, lost opportunities and even failure of the organization. 


What must global leaders and decision makers of the next generation do to keep leadership responsible – both economically and emotionally? 


How do we develop tomorrow’s leaders to grow successful and responsible businesses that overcome today’s fast emerging challenges? 


Responsible and capable leaders know how to engage employees. Engaged employees are happier and more productive. Being a responsible leader requires self-awareness and tools to transform yourself into a role model who can inspire and lead an engaged workforce.


Anyone can become a leader, but success starts with self-leadership. 


We call it the “The Personal Development Journey” that starts with where you are and helps get you to where you would like to be.

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