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Start your personal journey of self-leadership and learn how it helps you to become a better leader.

Self-Leadership is the ability to know, understand, build and manage your own potential, beliefs, emotions, expectations, behaviors and actions, and hence respond effectively and sensibly to challenges in your professional and personal life.

The Self-Leadership-Days are  a unique, holistic training-concept which integrates both professional and personal perspectives in the leader’s life.

Build Emotional Resilience

October 30/31 2020

The 4-step practice to mental resilience:


  • Transform the power of emotions into powerful actions.
  • Understand how to recondition your body and mind to break the cycle of stress.
  • Sharpen your mindfulness skills to bring depth and richness to your everyday experiences.
  • Win new empowering habits.


Keynote Speakers:


  • Spiros Margaris, Venture Capitalist & Global No. 1 Fintech, AI and Blockchain Influencer: „How AI Augments Human Capabilities“
  • Martin Schneider, CEO Brainforce Gruppe, Interim Management Services
  • Martin H. Bidermann, Partner at Rahn+Bodmer Co.: „5-Generation Family Business: How to Prepare for the Next Generation“
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Join us at Sorell Hotel Zürichberg, Zurich, Switzerland

Build Holistic Success

Spring 2021

The 5 Steps to Success:


  • Transform your perception and understanding of success and get there.
  • Understand the power of self-awareness.
  • Find clarity and intent towards your direction and goals.
  • Know your emotional drivers and convert them into positive ones.
  • Learn to lead yourself to become a successful and responsible leader in your professional and personal life.


Keynote Speakers:


  • Will be announced soon.
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Join us in Zurich, Switzerland (location will be announced soon).


Learn more about the conferences:

Review of the previous Self-Leadership-Days.

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We are a team of business economists, natural and social scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, governance, managerial and spiritual scholars.

With combined experience in different organizations, industries and functions, we developed a new and highly effective approach to become a more balanced, more confident and more successful leader.

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Responsible Leadership AG

Amtsstrasse 1 CH-8610 Uster, Switzerland

Phone: +41 33 55 20 100

Mail: info (at) selfleadershipdays.com

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