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Our Purpose.

We developed Self-Leadership as a unique, holistic training concept.

It is based on scientific findings, long-time personal experiences as team-leaders, managers and coaches of managers.


Furthermore, the platform we offer consisting of conferences, workshops, coaching and consulting shall bring together diverse yet like-minded individuals to create, share and develop knowledge.

ISABELLE NÜSLI Leadership Coach

Isabelle Nüssli

Partner/Coach/Thought Leader

As a personal and leadership coach, Isabelle supports leaders and organizations in navigating change and capitalizing on their full potential. Her international background spans from business leadership to succession, strategy / development, corporate governance, risk and crisis management.


She is the author of a business book, a mentor at a startup incubator and accelerator, and a member of multiple boards.


Isabelle holds master’s degrees from Kellogg School of Management (MBA), University of St.Gallen (business law), and INSEAD (coaching & consulting for change). She is a lifelong, open-minded learner and an encourager who loves being with and interacting with people.


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RAJESH RAMANI Leadership Coach

Rajesh Ramani


As a Life transformation mentor, coach and teacher, Rajesh Ramani helps in personal development, lifestyle balance, relationship enhancement, emotional resilience, and finding solutions to internal and external challenges.


For Rajesh, creating a space for ‘learning and growth to happen’ is essential. He believes in an approach of awareness and compassion to bring a transformation in consciousness, in an individual or an organization.


His journey started as a banker in India then progressed to a spiritual monk and teacher and eventually a mentor and coach. He is passionate about philosophy, reading and cricket. He is also curious about life and the nature of the mind and things.


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SIMON BERGER Leadership Coach

Simon Berger

Partner/Innovator/Creative Leader

Simon is a leader in developing and directing organizations in asset management, education, intelligence and international affairs.


After living, working and studying in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East as well as Europe for almost two decades, he returned to native Switzerland.


Simon holds university degrees in Climate Sciences, Earth Sciences, Engineering and International Business Law.


With more than 20 years of international experience in transforming organizations, he currently works as a leader in the strategic management of intangible assets for a railway company.

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Petra Christen

Petra Christen

Client Relationship Expert

Following her role in the management team of a software trading company, a trip around the world and the birth of two children, Petra became self-employed in 2000.


Petra has held various mandates in the fields of fiduciary/taxes, organization and administration in a range of industries, such as consulting, event, dental technology, construction, and health.


Tabea Knecht

Learning Innovator

Following her curiosity about humans’ interaction in their social environment, Tabea studied Social Anthropology, earning her first master’s degree.


Continuing to pursue her passion for the development of employees and organizations, she earned a second master’s degree in Sociology, focusing on how societies work as the product of individual needs and rounding out her skillset for leadership consulting.


JÜRGEN NEFF Finance Self-Leadership

Jürg Neff


Jürg has broad experience as CEO and CFO of companies in several industries. Following his studies in economics, he worked with an international consulting company and a global Swiss bank.


Today, Jürg is the owner of a consulting firm providing finance/accounting and quality assurance services to companies. He is a member of a variety of boards of directors.


Contact us:

Responsible Leadership AG

Amtsstrasse 1 CH-8610 Uster, Switzerland

Phone: +41 33 55 20 100

Mail: info (at) selfleadershipdays.com

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