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Are you a next generation leader equipped to resolve
the challenges ahead?

Start your personal journey of self-leadership and learn how it helps you to become a better leader.

The Self-Leadership-Days are  a unique, holistic training-concept which integrates both professional and personal perspectives in the leader’s life.

Build Holistic Success

November 8/9 2019

The 5 Steps to Success:


  • Transform your perception and understanding of success and get there.
  • Understand the power of self-awareness.
  • Find clarity and intent towards your direction and goals.
  • Know your emotional drivers and convert them into positive ones.
  • Learn to lead yourself to become a successful and responsible leader in your professional and personal life.


Keynote Speakers:


  • Thomas Sieber, Chairman of AXPO Holding AG: ‘The High Costs of Combining Role and Ego’
  • Prof. Dr. med. Erwin P. Bauer. Heart Surgeon and Brain-Coach Scientist: ‘The Stressed Brain: Function, Prevention and Solution Approach’
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Join us at Kartause Ittingen, Greater Zurich Area, Switzerland

Build Emotional Resilience

March 27/28 2020

The 4-step practice to mental resilience:


  • Transform the power of emotions into powerful actions.
  • Understand how to recondition your body and mind to break the cycle of stress.
  • Sharpen your mindfulness skills to bring depth and richness to your everyday experiences.
  • Win new empowering habits.


Keynote Speakers:


  • Spiros Margaris, Venture Capitalist & Global No. 1 Fintech, AI and Blockchain Influencer
  • Martin Schneider, CEO Brainforce Gruppe, Interim Management Services
  • Martin H.Bidermann, Partner at Rahn+Bodmer Co.
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Join us at Kartause Ittingen, Greater Zurich Area, Switzerland

Get in touch with the team.

We are a team of business economists, natural and social scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, governance, managerial and spiritual scholars.

With combined experience in different organizations, industries and functions, we developed a new and highly effective approach to become a more balanced, more confident and more successful leader.

Contact us:

Responsible Leadership AG

Amtsstrasse 1 CH-8610 Uster, Switzerland

Phone: +41 33 55 20 100

Mail: info (at) selfleadershipdays.com

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